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44 года (родился 21 сентября 1974), мужчина, cостоит в браке, есть дети
Алматы, готов к переезду
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Опыт работы 20 лет и 10 месяцев

    • апрель 2010 – работает сейчас
    • 8 лет и 10 месяцев

    Technical Director

    “A-City Corporation”, Алматы


    • Responsible for timely building, commissioning and successful operation of facilities. • Planning and implementation of state of the art instructional technologies including facilities, systems, applications, networks, and related services. Develops group strategic plans to address assessed needs. • Directs and manages Operations personnel to coordinate a diverse staff of technology and educational professionals including engineers, system administrators and support technicians. • Establish and maintain relationships with strategic customer accounts. • Constantly looking for ways to improve trouble-shooting checklist and techniques to reduce overall problem-solving time. • Plans Operations budgets and approves operational expenses to improve group services. • Promotes good safety culture.
    • сентябрь 2008 – ноябрь 2009
    • 1 год и 3 месяца

    Manager of Procurement & Quality Control Department.

    “SONAR Oil Products LLP”, Алматы


    • Design of laboratory, procurement, logistics. • Quality control of Oil Products during all stages of operations including the Oil Base and network of petrol filling stations (31 stations) • Negotiations, coordinating with suppliers and State authorities, customs clearance, certification, logistics. • Implementing of health, safety and the environment procedures. • Developing new areas of business and ensuring the continued growth of the business. • Identification and Implementation of new techniques and instrumentation.
    • ноябрь 2007 – август 2008
    • 10 месяцев

    TCO Lab. Regulatory Compliance Coordinator

    Tengizchevroil (TCO), Москва


    • TCO (TengizChevroil)/TSI (Tengiz Site Infrastructure) project – Consolidated Laboratory project. • Coordinating engineers, suppliers, contractors, third parties, etc. • Design of labs (Oil, Gas, Sulfur, Potable, Technical and waste water, Environmental), procurement, logistics. • Pre-shipment inspections, delivery logistics, coordinating with state Authorities (Customs, licenses, storage requirments, certification, etc.) • Planning, cost control, material control. • Installation, Certification, Attestation of the equipment and staff training. • Management of engineering consultancies.
    • май 2005 – октябрь 2007
    • 2 года и 6 месяцев

    LSI Specialist (Laboratory Specialist Installation)



    • Supervised a consolidated laboratory project for TCO (TengizChevroil) at the Tengiz oilfield, Kazakhstan • Coordinating engineers, suppliers, contractors, third parties etc. • Design of labs (Oil, Gas, Sulfur, Potable, Technical and waste water, Enviromental), procurement, logistics • Negotiations, coordinating with suppliers and State structures (authorities), custom clearance, certifications logistic etc. • Installation, Certification, Attestation of the equipment and training the staff. • Dealing with state authorities regarding licenses and other documentation • Planning, cost control, material control, logistics. • Management of engineering consultancies.
    • май 1997 – сентябрь 2004
    • 7 лет и 5 месяцев

    Regional Operations Manager

    ITS Testing Services (UK) Ltd, Баку


    • Reported to Regional Director • Organized and coordinated inspection between Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and UK offices for main clients (BP, ChevronTexaco, Shell, Total, Elf, Statoil, Lukoil, etc.). • Implemented health, safety and the environment procedures. • Prepared and implemented ISO-9001QCS for Azerbaijan branch and other regional offices. • Developed new areas of business and ensured the continued growth of business in the region. • Ensured continuous development of technical expertise through implementation of new techniques and instrumentation. • Responsible for installation of new business facilities (Port of Odessa, Odessa LPG terminal, Turkmenistan terminals, Azerbaijan terminals, Reconstruction of Port of Poty, Georgia). Coordinating of moving equipment between offices. Purchasing and delivering the equipment. Dealing with state authorities regarding licenses and other documentation. • Managed client interface and quality assurance. • Participated in recruiting and training new staff. Achievements: • Successful management of people and offices within the region • Increased the volume of work by winning new contracts and establishing new projects in different locations and ensuring delivery of service • Successful passed the final audit and receive ISO-9001 certificate for Azerbaijan branch in the beginning of 2004 • Increased revenue by 18-20%


    • Высшее образование
    • Очно-заочная
    • 2005

    Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

    Факультет: Physical-Chemistry
    Специальность: PhD The aim of this job - investigation is to discover easier and cheaper ways of receiving semicond
    • Высшее образование
    • Дневная/Очная
    • 1996

    Azerbaijan State Oil Academy

    Факультет: Electrical-Mechanics
    Специальность: Electrical-Mechanist Engineer in Oil Industry

Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

More than 11 years of management experience - Project management of oil, gas and petrochemical labs and oil refinery works. Reconstruction and modernization of facilities related to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Establishment and running of offices in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Georgia, developing new business, support of clients at different terminals, i.e. Aktau Oil Terminal Kazakhstan), Batumi Oil Terminal (Georgia), Turkmenbashi Oil Terminal (Turkmenistan), Odessa LPG Terminal & Port of Odessa (Ukraine), Azpetrol Terminals and Dubendy Terminal (Azerbaijan). Consulting engineer during the construction of two Azpetrol terminals in Baku. Construction of Consolidated Laboratory Complex for Tengizchevroil (Chevron) plant in Kazakhstan. Supervision of design engineering and construction of facilities. Control and inspection of goods delivery by seagoing vessels, railway wagons, road trucks, etc. Strategic planning, administration of budgets. Coordinated regional quality improvement efforts. More than 14 years experience in testing, inspection, certification and transportation of oil, oil products and gases. Responsible for mechanical & electrical (rotating) equipment, including technical inspection and commissioning, measurement and certification of rail tank cars, barges, seagoing vessels, pipelines and onshore tanks, incorporating quality and quantity control of grades during transportation and storage, loss control, logistics. Компьютерные навыки: Windows 2000/XP MS Office package

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