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Работа в Алматы / Резюме / Административная работа, секретариат, АХО
45 лет (родился 25 мая 1974)
Алматы, готов к переезду: Казань, Русский Камешкир
Гражданство: Казахстан
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Director of English Department/ Academic Director/ Educational Consultant/ Language Trainer

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Опыт работы 17 лет и 9 месяцев

    • июнь 2017 – работает сейчас
    • 2 года и 5 месяцев

    Academic Director

    CAMBRIDGE KIDS Preschool


    : Academic Director, Cambridge Kids Kindergarten Cambridge School is located in Almaty, and it is relatively a small one. My job involves informing parents and colleagues about the progress of the children, designing weekly and yearly plans, monthly newsletters, and supervising staff. Also I need to maintain clear records about students on daily basis. In addition, sometimes I must be able to multitask when multiple people or situations require my attention. My Level of language proficiency: o English: Native Speaker (British- Southern English Formal pronunciation) o Cambridge Preschool program and exams o The International Baccalaureate® (IB) o Kazakhstan National program o Business English o General English (Elementary to Advanced/A1 A2/ B1 B2/ C1 C2) o IELTS coaching o Conversational language skills o Communication Training and Presentation Skills o Talk show and debates o Public Speaking o Organizing Inter-school/collegiate competition
    • октябрь 2008 – май 2018
    • 9 лет и 8 месяцев

    Teacher of English, Science (Math, General science, Social studies)

    1. International College of Continue Education, 2. TAMOS EDUCATION, 3. ALMA university 4. CAMBRIDGE KIDS KINDERGARTEN AND PRESCHOOL, Алматы


    1. Designing Curriculum for the whole academic year. 2. Implementing lesson plans 3. Involving students in several projects 4. Providing lessons 5. Preparing children for cultural events and inter-school competition 6. Organizing Parent-teacher meetings 7. Conducting Summer Camp
    • сентябрь 2011 – сентябрь 2011
    • 1 месяц

    Teacher of English

    International School of Continue Education


    Teaching Science and Art subjects
    • июль 2004 – январь 2011
    • 6 лет и 7 месяцев

    Communication Master Trainer



    : Communication Master Trainer of following Institutions National Bank of Kazakhstan KCell KazStroyService (Department of Education and Training)
    • август 2002 – январь 2004
    • 1 год и 6 месяцев

    Training Director

    KIA Motors and Hyundai Heavy Industries


    Implemented and created multi-level training for the potential engineers of KIA Motors and Hyundai Heavy Industries. Given customized courses as per the needs of employees, mixing conversational business term.
    • март 2001 – январь 2002
    • 11 месяцев


    Somang Community


    Volunteer at Somang Community service in Seoul and Ulsan, South Korea Conducted various Training, annual student's camps, inter-school competitions for Children, organized faculty and parent conferences and various debates.

Сертификаты, курсы

    • 2001

    Psychology and counselling

    MarThoma Hospital

Знания и навыки

Дополнительные сведения:

• Tremendous teaching experience and wide exposure to different ethnic culture • Uncommon teaching aptitude and a great affection for all related job duties • Undergone formal training of Multi-cultural communication, leadership, Dynamic speaking and Motivation • Great concern regarding employee’s difficulties concerning workload, lack of confidence, motivation, communication gape, poor quality of work and so on. • A great problem solving attitude and ability to counsel workers in overcoming their, obstacles • Developed excellent rapport with people • Perfect knowledge of all the modern teaching aids and ability to apply them effectively • Proficiency in computer handling. Social Skills and Competences Attentive listener, Cooperative, Negotiation and resolution, Well-thought solutions, Open expression of ideas, Social presence, good communication and interpersonal skills Organizational Skills and Competences Team player, Leads and Directs, Innovative, Versatile, Adaptive, Planning based on strategies, Efficiently meeting deadlines, Attention to detail, Self-motivated and quick learner. Leisure Activities & Interests My proficiency in music is often used for inner healing, relaxation and meditation. I spend my free time playing synthesizer and drums.